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LATEST UPDATE: b13p (Beta 1.3 playable):

>Separate levels

> Animations

> Level 1 now has borders to make it easier :)

> Level now resets on lose

>Stuck at level 2? Hint: RIGHT

Welcome to a free 3D modern-style game where you can test your strafing skills! Go around obstacles and get better and better scores! Checkpoints are once in 200 meters, so get running!

This is my first videogame created ever, I worked realy hard on it!

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Published13 days ago
Tagsindie, minigames

Install instructions

Click DOWNLOAD, and a .zip file will start downloading. Using an unzip tool, unzip the folder, and inside you will see the aplication, a text file and a folder. DO NOT delete the folder!


b13p.zip (12 MB)


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Hello users!

First of all, I hope you will enjoy playing my first game! It is currently in a BETA testing phase, so if you notice any bugs, please report them privately at domisat.alt@gmail.com.

I worked a lot at this game, it's the first time I am trying Unity and C sharp (aka C#) (I normally program in C++), so any recomandations are appreciated!

Thanks, EzRel